Advertising is a crucial part of how companies get their product out-obviously. But, how they do it can either make or break a product. Advertising has come a long way from where it began. After talking to my grandma, the most popular advertising she remembers was on the sides of buildings and barns, but also on roofs. The most common advertisements, she said, were for cigarettes or Burma Shave. She saw Burma Shave advertisements especially on the highway with four or five signs right after each other. When she started her own family, they even played a ton of games on road trips that involved these road signs. They would play games like “find the color” and the “alphabet game” that my mom passed down to me and we play sometimes on car trips.

Example of a Burma Shave Sign
Image found at: Burma Shavings | John Drake Robinson

Another popular way that companies got their advertisements out was through “window shopping”. My Nana said she would continually go looking at the windows in shops to see all the deals. And when big stores like JCPenney and Sears came out with their catalogs, she would “drool” over them. She chuckled as she recalled her brothers liking them too. “They went straight to the underwear page.” she squeezed out between laughs. She also said she loved looking at the coming soon posters on the sides of movie theaters. They made the film look so exciting and she really loved looking at those. Also, her family would go to the racetrack often and she would see a lot of advertisements around the track and on the cars racing. And at the lake, many of the boats had advertising on the inside of the boat and on the outside. Although my grandma did not see too much war bond posters, she did see a lot of anti-military propaganda. Promoting peace and love which was very prevalent and important to her so she remembered them very well. In her actual room though, she did not keep many posters in her room, but she did like to keep pictures of small dogs up.

Now, my grandma does anything she can to avoid advertisements. She pre records shows so that she can skip the commercials, and buys special deals from her apps so that no ads will pop up in the middle of her show. But, facebook is a whole other world for ads for my grandmother. “The pop-up ads really get her.” my grandpa stated, “She responds to all of the ads on facebook.”.

So ultimately throughout my time interviewing my grandma, it has been very insightful and I loved every second of getting to spend time with her and learning a little bit more about her past and how she grew up. I think that through this assignment I will be able to go into the workplace with a better understanding of the older generations and how they think/what advertising might work better for them. I am thankful for this opportunity and I have enjoyed this assignment thoroughly.

Me and My best girl
My own image

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